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What to Shred?

When it comes to formulating a paper shredding policy for your business, home, school or office, it may be a good idea to consider what items may need to be shredded at your location. You know that you need to shred, but the big question remains: what to shred? There are many documents and much information which may need to be destroyed to ensure reduced liability and increased security are maintained.

When deciding what to shred, there are several things to consider. The absolute best approach is to implement a ‘shred everything’ policy in your organization. Since Shred North recycles everything we shred, you will be ensuring all of your paper is not only safely destroyed, but also that it is recycled. Maintaining an environmentally friendly business practice as well as a secure workplace is a win-win.

If you choose to be selective in regard to your paper shredding, you will want to be sure to consult with your accountant, lawyer or other professional to gain their advice when deciding which documents will need to be shredded. They alone can provide the best advice for your particular situation as every industry has specific requirements for maintaining files.

If you are choosing to target specific documents only, a good rule of thumb is to shred any paper containing a signature, account number, social insurance number, medical, personal or legal information.


Shred North does not limit our information destruction services to paper documents alone. We also can destroy information in other forms as well. For your convenience, we have created a List of shred-able items.

Use this list as a guideline only. When deciding what to shred, as mentioned previously, always consult with your accountant, lawyer or other professional to ensure proper compliance is met. Regardless of the amount of paper shredding you require, Shred North is your document destruction specialist.

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