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Steps to Help Prevent Fraud

In light of the fact that March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada, Shred North is encouraging business and residents alike to consider steps to take to help prevent fraud....[Read More]

Document Destruction Company in Newmarket

If you are looking for a document destruction company in Newmarket, look no further than Shred North. We are centrally-located and our fleet of mobile shred trucks provide paper shredding...[Read More]

Why Shred Your Documents?

Regardless of whether you run a business or a household, at some point you will be faced with managing a large amount of paper, files and documents. At some point,...[Read More]

Penetanguishene Shred Company

Being centrally located has its benefits. Shred North is proud to serve the area of Central Ontario with our award-winning paper shredding service. If you are a business, office, school...[Read More]

Parry Sound Shredding Service

Conveniently located in Central Ontario, Shred North is here to provide you with a Parry Sound shredding service for your business, home, school or office. Best of all, our mobile...[Read More]

Saving You Time

We all lead busy lives and no one has the time to spend all day feeding paper into a small office paper shredder. However, we all have confidential documents that...[Read More]

Document Destruction Company in North Bay

If you are running a business, school, office or household and you are in need of a document destruction company in North Bay, Shred North is here to help. We...[Read More]