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If you are in need of a regularly scheduled route service, we will supply you with secure, locking shred bins at no additional cost to conveniently collect your confidential documents and store them prior to shredding. Regular recycling bins are great for collecting regular paper but due to security issues, confidential documents must not end up in open bins. In order to provide you with the highest level of security, these locking shred bins will help keep you compliant by securely storing paper until it can be destroyed. For longer term storage, file storage boxes are also available at a minimal price. We also offer file storage services through our document storage facility.

Regardless of your location, décor or space limitations, Shred North will provide the shred bins which work best for you. If you have multiple areas at your location that require different shred bin options, we will provide the bins you need to ensure safe, secure collection and compliance are met. Better shred than read!

Shred North Shredding Containers

Office Paper Shredding BinsShredinator

For convenient, under-the-desk or desk side paper collection prior to shredding, we will provide you with inconspicuous, locking bins for secure document collection. These bins can easily fit under most desks thus taking up minimal space yet providing an accessible option for paper insertion.

Centralized Paper Shreding ConsolesCentralized Consoles

The #1 choice for office environment, our attractive shredding consoles blend in with any décor and even allow you to use the top of the bin for anything from a copy machine, fax or a decorative plant. The larger capacity and unobtrusive design make these shred consoles perfect for high traffic collection areas in any location.

Shred Carts BarrieShred Carts

For larger document collection needs, we are happy to provide a 65 gallon shred cart which will hold up to 150 pounds of paper, making it the ideal solution for even the highest traffic areas in need of large paper collection. With their neutral design, these carts easily blend into any setting and once full, can be conveniently carted away directly to the shred truck.

File Storage BoxesFile Storage Boxes

Perhaps you have documents which require storing for a longer period of time. If you need file storage boxes, we can provide these as well. Don’t forget, if space ever becomes an issue, we also offer a safe, secure and convenient file storage service. Ask us how we can help.

Contact us to discuss your unique confidential paper collection needs. We have the shred bins to best suit your needs. Not only will we place the shred bins, we will also remove them for shredding at no additional cost to you. It’s all included in your regularly scheduled shred service. Our award-winning team is here to help. Just another reason to consider Shred North as your local shredding specialist.

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