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Why Use a Professional Shredding Company?

Save Time and Money

Handling office shredding in-house can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition. When you choose to use a professional shredding company, you can actually save money. When you take into account the cost of an office shredding machine, your employee’s time, maintenance and disposal fees, it makes financial sense to outsource your document destruction to a professional shredding company.

A standard office shredder requires you to remove all staples, clips and elastic bands prior to shredding In addition, office shredders restrict you to shredding only a few sheets of paper at a time. Shred North can handle any and all elastic bands, staples or clips. Furthermore, Shred North can handle large volumes of paper at once. A 95 gallon cart of paper weighs approximately 300 pounds and takes about 26 hours to shred in-house. A professional shredding company can shred the same amount in about 8 minutes.

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Most industry estimations list in-house shredding costs at nearly double the cost of a professional shredding company. In addition, we can help provide the most secure option for your paper shredding policy. All documents are stored in our locked bins prior to destruction with no mess, no fuss. Is your in-house system this efficient? It’s time to have your staff focusing on your business, not on picking shreds of paper out of the carpet from emptying your shredder.

By choosing a professional shredding company, you ensure that no confidential documents are viewed by anyone. Paper is collected in bulk and shredded out of sight for maximum security.

Save money. Save time. Increase security. Outsourcing your paper shredding requirements has many benefits to you and your company.

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