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Haliburton Paper Shredding Services

Haliburton Paper Shredding

Since we service Haliburton from our location in Central Ontario, we can provide a paper shredding service to the area which helps ensure less fuel consumption is used since we do not have to travel great distances with the shred trucks. Let’s work together to help keep cottage country green!

Haliburton paper shreddingLocated conveniently nearby, this also allows us to service your Haliburton paper shredding needs in a timely fashion. If you have a large amount of confidential paper in need of secure destruction, simply contact us. We will be glad to come by and shred your documents right outside your front door inside our convenient mobile shred truck.

If your business, office or school generates a large amount of confidential paper and you would prefer to have a regularly-scheduled Haliburton paper shredding service, we will add your location to our route. First, one of our shred specialists will visit your location and determine how many secure paper collection bins you will need. Then, they will place the bins in convenient locations around your office. As part of our regularly-scheduled Haliburton paper shredding route, your paper will be collected and shredded on a set schedule.


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Complete List of Service Areas in Haliburton

  • Township of Algonquin Highlands
  • Municipality of Dysart et al
  • Municipality of Highlands East (status: Twp)
  • Township of Minden Hills
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