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Drop-Off Paper Shredding

In an effort to provide the most options possible to fill your shred needs, we offer a convenient drop-off paper shredding service at our centrally-located headquarters in Barrie. You are welcome to stop by our office with your bags or boxes of files and we will shred them for you at our facility.

Our award-winning team will be there to help you unload your files and place them in secure shred bins for safe and secure destruction. We know how difficult it can be to manage old documents and files. That’s why our drop-off paper shredding is so popular with local residents.

While some paper shredding companies will only take on the ‘big’ jobs, we are glad to offer drop-off paper shredding in order to make our service available to everyone in the community. With the threat of identity theft growing in North America, you need a service that will reliably destroy your confidential documents.

At Shred North, we believe in strong community ties. You may have seen our mobile shred trucks driving around the community. You may have seen us set up for one of our shred events where we help raise funds for local charities. You may have heard our ads on the radio or seen our sign from the highway. Now is your chance to meet us in person. Feel free to come by and drop off your documents to be shredded. Our shred specialists are here to help.

Shred North is here to help, no job is too big or too small. Find out today just how easy it can be to use a drop-off paper shredding service. We want your business and we will do what it takes to service your needs.

Paper shredding companyCome by our office:

35 Morrow Road, Unit #6

Barrie, ON

Drop-Off Shredding Hours:


8:30am – 4:00pm

Find out how easy it is to use a local drop-off paper shredding service today!

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