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Route Service

Regularly Scheduled Route Service

If your business or office generates a large volume of confidential paper in need of shredding on a regular basis, our route service is a great option.

A Shred North shredding specialist will work with you in order to determine your paper shredding needs. We will then provide you with secure, locked paper collection containers at no charge. As you go about your business on a regular basis, you will simply deposit the files to be shredded into the locked bins. Our Shredding Specialist will return on a predetermined set schedule to service your containers and shred the files right in your parking lot. Our fleet of shred trucks can shred up to 7000 pounds of paper per hour. No job is too big!

Shred North Shredding Containers

Misconception #1: Shredding is Expensive

Shred North actually has a program to place a container in your office and service it for less than your monthly coffee spend!

Misconception #2: I Don’t Have Enough Volume

On average, an office with 4 staff will generate 1 full container (shred console) every four weeks. Many of our customers fall into this category and you can become a part of our regularly scheduled route service as well.

If your business has a large volume of confidential documents, you already know the cost involved in doing the shredding yourself. Rather than spend time and money shredding in-house, Shred North will provide you a cost-effective, timely service that allows you to easily comply with confidentiality standards.

Whether you need a paper shredding service weekly, monthly or a custom schedule, Shred North works with you to ensure the level of route service and compliance is exactly what you need.

Let’s work together to get your company the frequency of document destruction you need to ensure the highest level of safety and service.

Find out how easy it is to use local paper shredding services today! Get Shred North working for you.

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